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Warranty Policy

About the warranty Policy:

  1. All electronics devices sold on Vero.com have warranty as per the policy of the manufacturer and the main supplier.
  2. Warranty services provided by sellers other than Vero, are not the responsibility of Vero. This includes spare part availability, repair period and/or quality of repair. The customer is to contact the warranty service provider directly in case of complaints or any other concern.
  3. The original invoice is required to verify the serial number and validate the warranty period you can benefit from warranty services. If the device was delivered to you along with a warranty card, you must provide it in order to proceed with the claim.
  4. The warranty repair period is fifteen (15) working days for failures that are covered under warranty.
  5. A repair or replacement under the terms of this warranty does not provide the right to an extension or renewal of the warranty period. Warranty terms are in accordance with your device manufacturer. In case there is a delay in sourcing the spare parts, the repair cycle or manufacturing defect, you will be entitled to a temporary product (or item price ÷ 400 x the delayed days of the device’s value) *.
  6. If your item can't be repaired but is still under the manufacturer's warranty, You will be eligible for a replacement or a refund after deducting the usage value and missing accessories in the cases that are qualified under the rules and regulations of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry **.
  7. The lifecycle of devices may differ from one another and customers can review the device manual or contact the manufacturer for more details.
  8. Some service centers policy might be applied in the warranty claim in which they will ask you to pay an amount for the item that is Out of warranty and you have rejected the repair price.
  9. Warranty doesn't cover the damage caused by accident, abuse, misuse, liquid contact, or other external cause.
  10. The customer shall ensure that the item is packed in its original box or wrapped safely to avoid any damage during transit. If the packaging is not done safely which leads to damage, Vero will not be responsible for the same and the claimed item will be returned to the customer without servicing.